Introducing the Picky Pup Pledge: Our Commitment to Your Dog’s Happiness and Health

At Furever Pup Club, we know that every pup's palate is different. That's why we've introduced our Picky Pup Pledge, designed to give you peace of mind when trying out our Super Greens+ soft chews, whether as a tasty treat or a nutritious food topper.

What is the Picky Pup Pledge?
The Picky Pup Pledge underlines our confidence in Super Greens+ soft chews. We’re so confident in the appeal of our product that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If your dog doesn’t take to them, whether as a treat or mixed into their meal, we’ve got you covered.

Why We Created This Pledge:
Understanding that not every dog is the same, especially when it comes to eating habits, we wanted to make sure you feel confident in enhancing your dog’s diet with our nutrient-rich chews without any financial risk.

How Does It Work?
- Purchase a qualifying product from our store. This guarantee applies to our Super Greens+ soft chews.
- Try it as a treat. Super Greens+ is designed to be enjoyed right out of your hand.
- Alternative usage: If your dog turns away from the chews as a direct treat, many of our customers find success by crumbling it over their dog's food or mixing it into their meal.
- Still not a hit? No problem! If neither method suits your pup, or if you prefer not to mix the chews into their food, simply contact our customer service team within 60 days of purchase.
- Process your refund. No need to return the product, just let us know it wasn’t a fit for your dog, and we’ll handle the rest.

Benefits of the Picky Pup Pledge:
- Risk-Free Trial: You can try Super Greens+ without financial worry.
- Versatility: Super Greens+ can be used both as a treat and a food topper.
- Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: Ensuring that all our customers (and their dogs) are happy with their purchases is our priority.

Closing Thoughts:
Your dog’s health and happiness are why we do what we do. We’re committed to providing nutritious, enjoyable options for all dogs, even those with the pickiest tastes. The Picky Pup Pledge is just one way we ensure that good health is accessible and stress-free.

Ready to test out Super Greens+ with your dog? Visit our shop today and try it risk-free! Remember, good nutrition is just a chew away, no matter how you serve it.