A Healthy Pup Starts With Super Greens +

Your dog's daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals from whole foods in one bite, complete with probiotics and digestive enzymes!

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Super Greens +
Super Greens +
Super Greens +
Super Greens +
Super Greens +
Super Greens +
Super Greens +

Super Greens +

Super Greens +

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Unlock your pup's path to optimal health and vitality with our peanut butter-flavored soft chews. Designed to make every day feel like a special treat, our carefully crafted chews contain premium ingredients sourced from fruits and vegetables, providing a quick, convenient way to ensure your dog receives essential daily vitamins and minerals—nutrients not typically found in their regular diet. We've also incorporated a crucial blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics/prebiotics to support your pup's digestive health.
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At FPC, we're active dog enthusiasts extending our healthy lifestyle not just to our own dogs but also to your family's pups.

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Premium Ingredients

Premium, whole-food ingredients only. No seed oils or harmful substitutes ever. Your dog gets top-notch nutrition and essential vitamins – guaranteed.

Science Based Nutrition

Our supplements are rooted in science-based nutrition, ensuring that your dog's health is backed by research and expertise using all-natural ingredients.

U.S.A. Made

Expertly formulated & proudly made in the USA, we are dedicated to delivering a superior product, maintaining high standards, & providing the very best for your furry friend.

For The Furever Pup

Designed by active dog owners for active dogs. So our pups can all live a healthy active lifestyle, just like us.

Your Dog's Favorite Treat

It's a delectable heart-shaped, peanut butter-flavored soft chew your dog will love.

Simple to Administer

Our soft chews make daily vitamins effortless for you & a delight for your pup, packing vital nutrients in a convenient supplement.

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